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Calgary’s Famous Cosmetic Injectionist With Over 20 Years Of Experience

Our clinic, the Laser Hair and Skin Centre, was established in 1999 and has been serving Calgarians since with highest standard of lip fillers, lip injections, Botox & Dysport fillers, dermal fillers, wrinkle relaxers and other specialized services.

While visiting our clinic you will be greeted with smiles, knowledge and any kind of answers or information you require when developing your personalized plan for services. Our atmosphere is open, welcoming and you will be pleased to experience the gentle disposition we provide to put your mind at ease while you are attending your appointment with us.

With our certified technicians to serve our clients, we guarantee nothing but quality and security while providing treatments by some of the utmost trained and experienced specialists in our city to date.



Brow shaping / lifting disguising eye bag

Cheek Enhancements

Non-Surgical Facelift

Lip Enhancement


Frown Lines

Crows Feet

Eyebrow Lift

Glabellar Lines

Bunny Lines

Top Lip Lines

Marionette Lines

Pebble Chin

Neck Lines

The YYC Injectionist is a division of Laser Hair & Skin Centre.
LHSC was born twenty years ago, in Calgary Alberta, as one of the first Fully Medical Grade Laser Clinics in the City!

With degrees of safety, education and innovation unlike Calgary has ever seen; it is the reason our clinic has surpassed 90% of Calgary Clinics and won countless awards. With one of the top clientele in the city of Calgary Laser Hair Removal, Laser Hair & Skin Centre thrived for the past two decades mainly on referrals from all of its happy and satisfied clientele.

Our Clinic offered injections such as Calgary Botox and Calgary Dermal fillers until our nurse retired in 2012, LHSC decided to take a break from the injection world and focus on offering all of the latest, and newest innovation in Lasers for Calgary Tattoo Removal, Calgary Skin Rejuvenation, & Calgary Anti-Aging.

Numerous times a week for a few years, the clients at LHSC implored the clinic to find another skilled Injectionist to offer the same services and more! That is when LHSC started their search for one of the most skilled, gifted and educated Injectionists to employ and offer the same quality as the clinic had for all of its years in Calgary.

In walked Lloyd Tapper! He wowed us all with his knowledge in not only the injection world but also in the medical field as a whole. He floored us with his artistic talent when it came to Calgary Cosmetic Injections; the way he could sculpt a face, or build the most luscious lips! He softened our hearts and made us fall in love with his gentle bedside manner, and his incredible treatment planning expertise.

All around, Lloyd Tapper was one of the best injectionists our team had ever come across! From the first day that he offered his services such as Calgary Sculptra, Calgary Lip Fillers & Calgary Botox, the clients of our clinic immediately trusted him and experienced the same confidence in him as we had since the first day we all met!

Fast forward to today, and countless faces are smiling without lines and their skin’s are vivacious and vibrant, all because of Lloyd Tapper! His legacy is spoken all corners of our city and his work is seen thousands of times a day!

Anra Clark

Anra is a talented and inspirational injector who started her career in child oncology, transitioning to medical cosmetics to peruse her passion in all things beauty. 
Undergoing extensive master classes and travelling to understudy brilliant injectors world wide to ensure her education and techniques are the most advanced and up to date, it is absolutely true to declare Anra as an absolute go getter. 
The longer she does this, the more driven she is to push for the most out of the industry.
“People entrust their faces and appearance to you and that isn’t something to be taken lightly…
“I believe in always staying on top of what comes out to make sure not only am I providing the best service I am offering the latest and most advanced ways and methods of giving them the results they deserve!” 
Nurse practitioner Anra Clark is an injector or substance and upmost quality! Now apart of the @yycinjectionist team her clients are over the moon with both their results and their relationship with her, she is definitely unique!

Lloyd Tapper

Lloyd Tapper is a successful & sought after injectionist who found his passion in the Health Care industry over 20 years ago when he entered the world as a Nurse. His passion was driven year after year as he attended institutions all over North America to further his passion in the health sector, whilst also working in fast paced and diverse environments such as emergency triage’s and top dermatologist offices.


Everything combined has built Lloyd Tapper into the well rounded and knowledgeable injectionist that he is today. 


Watching him examine his clients, you know that he takes all of the time needed to put their mind at ease and explain all aspects of the process at hand. While he fine tunes each injection to combat and perfect his entire treatment plan, he also tailors a dynamic approach specified for each individual. This is someone you know you can entrust your appearance to.


“Truly it’s just my passion,” explains Lloyd Tapper. 


“Being in the medical field for so long and seeing all different aspects of the medical world, it is a great foundation for a professional, but it isn’t what makes a great injectionist either.” He explains. 


“Anyone can call themselves an injectionist, and anyone with the right credentials can take the course. However, injecting is an art form, I believe you either have it or you don’t.


It’s just like being an artist!”


Being passionate about his work is an understatement. Nurse practitioner Lloyd Tapper now leads a team in Edmonton for PRP treatments and injections to treat pain, and injuries. He also specialized on PRO facial and body treatments for anti-aging.


Furthering his expertise in all aspects of his career has been what nurse Tapper has stood by since he entered the health sector. 


In his personal life, Lloyd enjoys traveling to different sceneries of the globe and experiencing as much nature and outdoors as he can! At home, he is greeted by his beloved Black Lab that he so much adores, and as any pet owner  can appreciate, he is more than willing to swap pet pictures with any likeminded fur-parents in the clinic! 


Not surprisingly, whether you interact with Lloyd Tapper during your appointment or run into him in the pet food isle, his demeanor and attitude remains the same. He is optimistic, kind and precise; the kind of person you want on your team!  

Twenty years ago, when our clinic Laser Hair & Skin Centre opened and one of the first Calgary Medical Laser Clinics to open, it vowed to always uphold the strongest values in the system.

This meant to always Uphold the strictest of educational standards in Canada – If there is education for it, our team will pursue it. As a requirement for our clinic, our team not only has to have had the highest level of training available they also have to do months of in-house training & do annual re-training on sorts.

Fast forward to today, and our equipment, treatments and staff are all among the most advanced and knowledgeable. We send our staff to training all over North America to learn the latest techniques, the newest and most safe treatments, and the most effective methods in the Calgary Laser & Calgary Injections market today.

Don’t kid yourself, it only gets better. With new treatments emerging all of the time for non-surgical alternatives with cosmetic injections, we will continue to get our education and serve you the very best that we can, surpassing all of the normal standards of the industry.

We will stop at nothing to provide you with the best care, and results; just like we have for over 20 years!

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