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5 Alternative Functions of Calgary Botox Treatments

If you’re like most people, you probably think of improving your appearance and reducing wrinkles when you hear botox or lip injections. Although these are common reasons for choosing botox, they aren’t only used for your lips.

Check out these alternative functions of Botox and lip injections in Calgary.

  • Rejuvenate Hands with Calgary Lip Injections
    Lips aren’t the only thing that can benefit from dermal fillers. The hands tend to lose volume with age, resulting in more prominent veins and tendons. Lip injections can help restore volume, giving your hands a smooth, natural appearance.
  • Reduce Awkward Sweating with Botox
    Chronic, excessive sweating of the hands and armpits can create any number of awkward, embarrassing moments. Botox services in Calgary offers relief; it works by blocking signals between the nerves and sweat glands to stop sweat production.
  • Relieve Migraine Pain with Calgary Botox
    For people who suffer from migraines, botox in Calgary may offer an alternative treatment. Regular injections in specific areas help alleviate severe migraine symptoms such as nausea, sensitivity, and vomiting.
  • Minimize Foot Pad Pain with Lip Injections
    Feet take a beating, and many things can result in foot pad pain including flat feet, calluses, and aging. The dermal fillers used for lip injections in Calgary can also be used to plump up your feet. This creates an extra cushion on the ball of the foot and helps protect the joints, bones, tissues, and nerves from repetitive stress.
  • Reduce Neck Bands with Botox
    Neck bands are the vertical lines that appear across the neck as a result of weight fluctuation or aging. Even with a single treatment, botox injections can dramatically reduce the appearance of these bands.

Botox injections in Calgary can help reduce facial wrinkles and promote a more youthful appearance, but as you can see, it’s also good for other treatments.

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