When it comes to lip injections in Calgary, one of the most important things people can do for themselves is to acquire information. There is a lot to know about lip fillers, and having a good understanding of the types of products, procedures, and costs can play a pivotal role in your success after treatment. 

How are Lip Fillers Made?

One of the most popular products currently on the lip filler market is Juvederm. Like most products made for this purpose, Juvederm is a mixture of hyaluronic acid (HA) and localized anesthesthesia. The reason for Juvederm’s popularity, in particular, is the wide selection of products and a shortlist of side effects the product line offers. 

Although, to understand the relevance of Juvederm, you first need to understand what constitutes the product. HA, as we mentioned before, is the essential ingredient of this Calgary lip injection product. HA is produced naturally in our bodies and promotes moisture by binding with the sugars in our bodies. Plus, because it is naturally occurring, it also breaks down in the body, making any treatment temporary. This fact may sound burdensome initially, but actually, it is quite beneficial in case you want to try a different look or feel for your lips. 

How Long Do Lip Fillers Last?

Now that you understand what is in a Juvederm product, the next step in your journey for knowledge will undoubtedly be learning the length of time lip fillers are effective. 

Typically, lip fillers, including Juvederm, maintain their effects for 9-24 months. 


However, the exact length of the treatment will depend on two main factors. Firstly, the application area of the injection. While we are talking about lip fillers here, Juvaderm’s products can also apply to the chin, nose, eyes, and many other areas of the face. Each of these areas will show the effects of filler treatments for different lengths of time. The second reason the time can vary is the amount of HA injected during the procedure.

For some people, plumpness or fullness in the lip area is the most important aspect of their treatment. However, for others, it is far more important to have a natural look that only accentuates their natural features. For each of these types of individuals, the amount of product required for their lip fillers will vary significantly, as will the length of time the results will last. 

In conclusion, the hope is that you have learned more about lip fillers than the information you started with, and you are now prepared to go out into the wide world of treatments and find the perfect solution for your needs. Just remember, consult with the professionals and make sure they have sufficient experience in order to get the best results on a reliable basis.

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