Lip injections in Calgary are an aesthetic treatment to increase the fullness and look of your lips. They have a wide following, and with the advent of “selfie culture,” they have seen a significant uptick in popularity among young women across the globe. 

Typically, fillers are applied via syringe into the lips themselves, or areas around the mouth. They produce a filling effect that can reduce the signs of wrinkles or ageing, and offer a way to beautify your face uniquely.

However, what is really behind these treatments and what products get injected? Well, the answer is complex and involves things like:

Types of Lip Filler

One of the more common materials used in lip injections in Calgary is hyaluronic acid. In fact, most commercial products are some variation of this, including: Restylane, Restylane-L, Restylane Silk, Juvederm Ultra, Juvederm Ultra Plus, HylaForm, Elevess, and Prevelle Silk. Occasionally, a localized anesthetic will be added to the solution to alleviate potential pain or discomfort. 

Professional cosmetologist injecting silicone in lips

Each of these products is applied in small amounts, and some of them can be applied over several sessions to lengthen the effectiveness of the treatment. However, to achieve dramatic results that are distinct, multiple syringes can be used with the advice of your technician. 

It is also essential to understand the side effects of this treatment, as benign as they typically are. The side effects could include:

Side Effects of Lip Filler Treatments

An oft-discussed side effect of a lip filler treatment is small bumps or lumps in your lips. These are not very common, and can easily get massaged out with gentle pressure. Similarly, bruising may occur after the treatment. Avoid this by reducing your alcohol before the treatment, and limiting your intake of blood-thinning medications, such as aspirin and Motrin. 

Otherwise, the treatment should be conducted when you have a good understanding of the effects, as provided by your doctor. This will prevent surprises, such as a noticeable decrease in the volume of your lips after six months or so. Lip filler is not forever and will need regular rescheduling to keep your lips plump and voluminous. It will also be vital for you to discuss what you are expecting with your doctor because the results will vary, and depending on the level of change you want to see, there will be a change to the cost and amount of material you will need. 

Make sure that you understand the highs and lows of this service before beginning so that you can make an informed decision and get the ideal look that you are seeking. 

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