Winter is the hardest time of year for your skin. The cold, dry weather can make your skin crack, flake and worse. If you want to keep your skin looking its best this winter, here are some tips for skin rejuvenation in Calgary.

1 – Protect Your Skin in Winter by Moisturizing Often

Your skin craves moisture. Combat the dry winter air by moisturizing often. Pick the right moisturizers, and apply lotion and cream throughout the day. Remember to treat your hands, face and more. You can also invest in a humidifier to add moisture to the air naturally.

2- You Can Look After Your Skin by Bundling Up

When you go outside, be sure that you cover all parts of your skin. Your hands and face are especially vulnerable to extreme conditions. Therefore, wear scarfs, head wraps and gloves. Also, put on your sunscreen. Winter sun can be even more dangerous for your skin when reflected off snow or ice.

3- Keep Your Skin Fresh in Winter with SKin Rejuvenation in Calgary

Skin rejuvenation in Calgary is good at any time, but winter treatments are the best. You can get at-home exfoliation treatments and masks, or you can visit your favorite spa or skincare center. Treatments can include creams, rubs, lasers, exfoliation and more. You can even go the extra mile and get Botox or fillers.

skin rejuvenation calgary

4- Get a Warm Glow All Winter with Lip Injections in Calgary

Your lips need extra protection in winter. Always carry around lip balm, and consider lip injections in Calgary. When you get lip injections, you restore volume to your lips even as the winter cold sets in. Whatever you choose, just make sure your lips get the attention they deserve.

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