Celebrities face a lot of attention, both positive and negative. It’s easy to see why all the cameras and scrutiny make many people choose to help their appearance a bit. Breast implants are still the most common plastic surgery, but lip augmentation is following close behind.


Types of Lip Augmentation

There are two basic types of lip augmentation: surgical and non-surgical. Surgical lip augmentation is permanent and performed under local anesthetic or sedation. Non-surgical lip injections in Calgary are far more common. They are performed under local anesthetic and enhance the lips through the injection of substances in and around the lips. The substance used varies depending on the needs of the individual, but collagen, fat, silicone, and dermal fillers are a few of the many options. The length of time the results last depends on the type of substance injected.


Common Lip Injections and Botox

Some of the most common lip injections are made with hyaluronic acid. This is a temporary way to achieve natural-looking results that generally has few side effects. Botox in Calgary is also an option for enhancements.


Celebrities with Lip Injections

Many celebrities have had lip injections. Lisa Rinner got silicone injected in her lips in her 20s; recently, she had some of it surgically removed. Kylie Jenner gets temporary lip fillers to achieve her full, pouty lips. Jennifer Hudson also had lip injections; she said it was to fill in a dent that was affecting the lighting during the shooting of “Dreamgirls.” Britney Spears enjoys experimenting with different facial treatments. She’s had lip injections among other treatments.


Lip Fillers Calgary

Calgary Lip Injections

Achieving the perfect pout isn’t easy, even for celebrities. Lip injections and Botox in Calgary can help you enhance your natural appearance. Take a cue from celebrities who know a lot about looking good, and use lip injections in Calgary to look your best.


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