As we start to age, wrinkles happen. While some people don’t mind wrinkles, those that are unhappy, they may decide to use dermal fillers as a way of turning back the hands of time.


How Does It Work?

This process works through paralyzing the facial muscles and decreasing the muscle tone. Temporarily, this helps you to eliminate wrinkles. Dermal fillers in Calgary get used to help with filling the jaw, nose, lips and other parts of the face. In most cases, they get used with botox.


The Different Types of Fillers

There are many different types of dermal fillers available in Calgary. They are all used for different purposes based on how they work. For example, you have hyaluronic acid derivatives, and this gets used to plump up the lips and fill in the wrinkles. You also have autologous fat, and this gets taken from the person’s body. They will recontour the face as a way of giving it more body. It all comes down to what you want.


Beware of Adverse Side Effects

To lower some of the more serious adverse consequences, the practitioner in Calgary must have a deep understanding of how the process works. Allergic reactions can happen as a result of this being a foreign substance injected into the body. Another danger comes from infection, which results in redness and inflammation.


Through a lip injection professional in Calgary, you can reverse the effects of ageing. However, you should find a skilled professional because while it seems simple, in truth, it’s not a straightforward process. Without the right level of training, a clinician could do severe damage that is hard to undo.


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