Perhaps you’re looking for the perfect pouty lips. Unfortunately, makeup can only accomplish so much, and in these cases, people turn to a lip injections Calgary company. Before you go out and book Calgary Botox, it can be helpful to understand a few things to make the experience more positive.

#1: Leave It to the Pros

When you consider a lip injections Calgary company, you should first check to see that they have the qualifications. First, check that the lip fillers Calgary company will be ready to perform.

#2: Keep the Ratio in Mind

As a golden rule for your dermal fillers Calgary treatment, you want to make sure that they follow the golden rule. For example, the ratio should be at 1/3 volume on the upper lip and 2/3 volume at the lower lip to guarantee good results.

#3: Know the Purpose

When going to get lip injections, you want to have natural beauty enhanced without the look that you were trying hard to accomplish. Look for a registered medical practitioner.

#4: Lumpy Lips—Don’t Worry

Many people notice lumpiness in their lips after the first couple days of the injection. You shouldn’t worry too much, and this begins to vanish after a couple of weeks. You can take advantage of light-pressure ice compression.

#5: Uneven Pout

If you have an uneven pout after Calgary Botox, you should prepare because it’s normal to see swelling and bumps. However, if the imperfections are still visible after two or three weeks, this could mean excess dermal filler.

Keeping these things in mind with a lip fillers Calgary company ensures that you will have the most positive experience. Do your research and take your time deciding on a company to help you get the best results with a company.

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