Most people know Botox can help with cosmetic treatments, but some people don’t know the secret uses of this product. We’re going to cover five uses for Calgary Botox that will help you with various ailments.

Botox Can Help With Chronic Migraines

When physicians treated patients for wrinkles, they found that many people reported that their migraines disappeared altogether. Typically, you inject this into 31 points in the neck and the head.

Botox Injections Can Cure Crossed Eyes

A Calgary dermal fillers company can help with treating crossed eyes. Calgary Botox can also help with a side effect of crossed eyes known as diplopia, which is blurred vision. Botox treatments will last anywhere from three to four months, so the results aren’t permanent, but it does work.

Calgary Botox Can Regulate an Abnormal Heartbeat

One of the most common complications that can results after someone has been through surgery is an abnormal heartbeat. Researchers have learned that Botox can be effective in regulating this symptom.

Botox Can Help With Depression

The simple act of smiling more and frowning less is useful in the treatment of mental health. It turns out that smiling more naturally decreases the symptoms and side effects of depression, so having a facelift could actually improve your overall mental health.

Botox might Warm Your Severely Cold Hands

Professionals can treat cold hands syndrome with a Botox injection. Botox is injected into the hand to help relax the muscles. As a result, the blood vessels dilate and increase in diameter.

These are some of the unique and alternative uses for dermal fillers in Calgary that you may not have known. You can use a Calgary Botox treatment as a way of helping medical conditions. However, you should always consult with your doctor first before taking any serious action.

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