How does Botox differ from dermal fillers? While both treatments involve a doctor injecting the substance into the skin, the resemblances end there. Understanding the differences can give you a better idea of which option to choose. Let’s explore the differences.

How is Botox Different?

A Calgary Botox doctor will inject the bacteria-based botulinum toxin into your skin. In higher doses, botulinum toxin can have deadly consequences, but in smaller amounts, it’s benign. You can expect a Calgary Botox treatment to last from three months to six months. The cost to have this type of cosmetic procedure will typically cost anywhere from $300 up to $1,000, depending on which doctor you see and the type of injection used. It works by temporarily paralyzing the facial muscles and softening the wrinkles.

Dermal Fillers

Lip fillers, in contrast, will add more fullness to the face. You might, for example, use this type of treatment to get fuller lips. Doctors inject the filler to the surface beneath the skin, and this will treat the harmful effects of ageing. In general, the effect of dermal fillers Calgary is much longer lasting. You can get treatment in this way for six months up to two years, but the duration of the effects will depend. Both of the procedures are minimally invasive, and they don’t require surgery to have them done. Lip fillers get the name from the common usage for thin lips and sagging around the mouth.

Which one should you choose? Botox and dermal fillers have some different uses, and you may have to consult with your doctor on which one will give you the desired results. You have a proven safety record with both dermal fillers Calgary and Botox and few people experience complications, but before you ever agree to either, you should first acquaint yourself with the side effects to determine if the treatment is for you.

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